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Who we are:

LanCanyon is an international upper-tier enterprise support and IT curriculum consulting group. We have been dedicated to improving system administration through automation, and creating computer-assisted instruction (CAI) environments, both commercial and academic, for over four decades.  While we currently specialize in administrative automation and consulting, we have also dedicated many years to information technology support, training, and curriculum development.

Regretfully, as of January 2016, with few exceptions, we no longer offer on-site contract consulting.  We are, however, still pleased to offer our services to current and future clients via a wide range of remote technologies.

If your organization is interested in learning more about our support offerings and computer-assisted curriculum, or you'd simply like to know more about LanCanyon Labs, please click the following link to contact us, providing specific detail about your enterprise's needs and/or CAI subject matter and interests.  Info@lancanyon.com



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