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Who we are:

LanCanyon is an international tier 3 enterprise support and IT curriculum consulting group dedicated to improving system administration through automation, and creating computer-assisted instruction (CAI) environments, both commercial and academic, for over four decades.  While we currently specialize in administrative automation and consulting, we have also dedicated many years to information technology support, training, and curriculum development. 

LanCanyon Labs' consulting group, headed by Dr. F. M. (Mike) Covington, is comprised of technical and topic matter experts involved in designing, creating, automating, and improving the quality of education provided in computer-assisted instruction environments.  All consultants operate independently within their respective specializations.  Like our founders, our consultants are current or former university professors, seasoned K-12 educators, and/or information technology professionals whose lives and careers have revolved around computer environments for decades.  Organizations across North America and Europe have turned to our members' expertise with confidence for since the mid 1908s.  We invite you to join LanCanyon's list of satisfied clients.

Currently, we focus primarily on IT consulting, including top-tier enterprise helpdesk support, computer-assisted curriculum design, and administrative solution development and implementation, providing:


If your organization is interested in learning more about our support offerings and computer-assisted curriculum, or you'd simply like to know more about LanCanyon Labs, please click the following link to contact us, providing specific detail about your enterprise needs and/or CAI subject matter and interests.  Info@lancanyon.com

Note: We are not affiliated in any way with the Ukrainian network hardware vendor who assumed a variation of our group's name some years ago, nor has that company been licensed to use our name or to represent itself as being affiliated with us.